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The Large Language Models (LLMs) and computer vision dev platform to build and deploy models without coding in hours.

Focus on solving bigger problems. Leave AI complexity to us.

Use AI to make data-driven decisions or automate things. Reduce development time and costs compared to the traditional way of building AI solutions up to 90%.

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Use computer vision to automate your defects detection, track and trace, check safety and save time and money.
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Retail & E-commerce
Manage inventory, shelf analysis, visual product search and more to have fast data-driven decisions.
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Maximize yield crop, detect diseases, monitor livestock, manage land for efficient agriculture.
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Smart Cities
Build computer vision models for monitoring, safety, security and many more use cases, to transform the living in the cities.
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Build and incorporate computer vision to automate and accelerate healthcare industry from patient monitoring to drug discovery.
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Utilities & Energy
Automatically inspect assets, detect anomalies, and safety for efficent operation and management ot the infrastructure.
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Chatbot & Assistants
Create chatbot & assistants to support your users, powered with fine-tuned LLMs on your data as secret souce.
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Document Processing
Process your documents to get summaries, detect or conclude insights or get answers to the questions.
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Database QA
Connect and process database sources to get answers and insights from your data.

One platform for the whole AI workflow

We are simplifying the whole AI development workflow collect data, annotate, train, test and deploy LLM and computer vision models efficiently on any platform.

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Collect & Annotate

Upload or connect your data sources to the platform. Annotate your data in a simple and intuitive Annotation Studio.

Data Quality Inspection

Get a quick overview of your data quality, distribution and fix the errors to ensure your model is trained on the right data.

AI Annotation Assistant

Speed up annotation process up to x50 using our AI Assistants that will help you annotate your data faster.


Data Processing

Create data processing workflows to augment or process your data.

Training & Evaluation

Create different model training pipelines and evaluate the models on real data.

AI Apps

Create AI App workflows using LLM or Computer Vision models as engine.



Train your models with a single click on hardware you select. Get model training insights and where to improve the model.

Evaluate & Test

Evaluate your models and test them with additional data or check their performances using different optimizations or hardware.


Enter your deployment and model KPIs, we handle the rest by selecting the best model to accomodate your production targets.



We are applying many different optimization techniques to reduce the costs of running your models up to 10x.


Find the optimal trade-off between performance and cost by using our engine and run your models on different accelerators.

Any platform

Deploy your models with a single click on the Cloud and don't worry about scalability, or deploy your models on Edge devices using our deployment tools and containers.

Dev platform for the AI revolution

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